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Use Information Of Geotextile
Dec 19, 2018

The use of geotextile good breathability and water permeability, so that water flow through, so as to effectively intercept the loss of sand.

Geotextile has good water conductivity, it can form a drainage channel inside the soil, the soil structure of excess liquid and gas out of the row.

Effectively, the concentrated stress is diffused, transmitted or decomposed to prevent the soil from being destroyed by external forces.

Prevents mixing between the upper and lower layers of gravel, soil and concrete.

High permeability-under the pressure of soil and water, can still maintain good permeability.

Corrosion resistance-to polypropylene or polyester and other chemical fiber as raw materials, acid and alkali resistance, non-corrosive, not moth, antioxidant. Simple construction-light weight, easy to use, simple construction.

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