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The Laying Method Of Geotextile
Dec 19, 2018

1, with manual rolling, cloth surface to be flat, and appropriate to leave a deformation allowance. 2, filament or short silk geotextile installation is usually used for splicing, stitching and welding several methods. The width of stitching and welding is generally more than 0.1m, and the splice width is generally more than 0.2m.

Geotextiles that may be exposed for a long time should be welded or stitched. 3, geotextile stitching: All stitches must be carried out continuously (for example, the seam is not allowed). Before overlapping, geotextiles must overlap by at least 150mm. The minimum stitch is at least 25mm away from the weaving edge (the edge of the material exposure). The sewn geotextile seams include 1 lines of wired lock chain seam method. The wire used for stitching should be a resin material with a minimum tension of more than 60N, and has the ability to resist chemical corrosion and UV resistance comparable to or beyond the geotextile. Any "leak needle" on a sewn geotextile must be re-stitched where it is affected. Appropriate measures must be taken to avoid the entry of soil, particulate matter or foreign substances into the geotextile layer after installation.

Cloth bonding according to the terrain and use of the function can be divided into natural bonding, stitching or welding. 4, in the construction, Geomembrane above the geotextile using natural bonding, Geomembrane upper geotextile using stitching or hot air welding. Hot air welding is the preferred connection method of filament geotextile, that is, the connection of two pieces of cloth with hot air gun is heated instantly at high temperature, so that its part reaches the melting state, and immediately use a certain external force to make it firmly bonded together. In the case of wet (snowy) weather can not be hot adhesion connection, geotextile should take another method of a suture connection method, that is, with a special sewing machine for double-wire suture connection, and the use of anti-chemical UV suture.

The minimum width is 10cm when stitching, the minimum width is 20cm when the natural connection is, and the minimum width is 20cm when the hot air is welded.

5, for stitching, to use the same quality and geotextile suture line, suture to use anti-chemical damage and ultraviolet light irradiation ability of the material.

6, Geotextile laying completed by the site supervision engineers approved after the laying of Geomembrane.

7, Geomembrane Geotextile is in the Geomembrane by party A, supervision and approval after the same laying.

8, the number of geotextile celebration of each layer is TN, BN.

9, the film and upper two layers of geotextile in the anchorage Groove should be buried together with the Geomembrane in the Anchorage tank.