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Self-inspection And Repair Of Geotextile
Dec 19, 2018

A, all geotextile slices and seams must be inspected.Defective geotextile slices and stitches must be clearly marked on the geotextile and patched. 

B, must be laid and hot connection geotextile small pieces to repair the worn geotextile, geotextile small pieces than the edge of the defect in all directions of the minimum length of 200mm.

Thermal connections must be strictly controlled to ensure that geotextile patches and geotextiles are tightly integrated and that there is no damage to geotextiles.

C, before the end of laying every day, the day of all laid geotextile surface for inspection to determine that all damaged areas have been marked and immediately repaired, to determine that the laying surface is not likely to cause damage to foreign substances, such as fine needles, small nails and so on.

D, geotextile damage repair should meet the following technical requirements:

E, the patch material used to fill holes or fill cracks should be consistent with geotextile.

F, the patch should extend to a damaged geotextile range of at least 30 cm.

G, at the bottom of the landfill, if the geotextile rift exceeds 10% of the width of the coil, the damaged part shall be removed and the two geotextiles will be connected; If on the slope, the rift exceeds 10% of the coil width, the reel shall be removed and replaced with a new volume.

H, construction personnel wearing work shoes and the construction equipment used should not damage geotextile, construction personnel should not be laid on the geotextile may harm geotextile things, such as smoking or with sharp tools poke geotextile and so on.

I, in order to the safety of geotextile materials, should be laid before the laying of geotextile film, that is, a roll, open a roll and test the quality of appearance.

J, especially put forward: Geotextile to the scene to timely acceptance, visa recognition.