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Historical Development Of Geotextile
Dec 19, 2018

The application of geotextile abroad has begun as early as the 60, the United States is the world's largest geotextile consumption of the country, it in the early 90 to its annual dosage of more than 300 million m2, the dosage reached 700 million m2. The geotextile in Europe and Japan has also been developed rapidly, and the annual dosage of geotextile in Europe is about 400 million m2, of which SpunBond Nonwovens account for about 60% of the Nonwovens, and Japan's application to geotextile has increased significantly since the middle of the 90.

Japanese Nonwovens Use the largest amount of SpunBond, accounting for about 60% of the total amount of non-woven geotextile, and mainly pet spinning sticky cloth. The geotextile of our country started in the early 80, but the dosage was very small at that time, but it was only an experimental application. Until 1998, when the huge flood attracted the attention of the Government, the construction department included the application of Geotextile in the design code, and formulated the relevant national standards, Geotextile has really been valued and developed. The amount of geotextile in China has exceeded 300 million m2, and the proportion of Nonwovens accounts for about 40%. China's civil engineering construction has a huge potential market, its potential is no less than the United States use of 7~8 billion m2.

Experts estimate that China's geotextile in the next 15 years will continue to increase in double digits, of which the growth rate is relatively fast is pet spinning viscose filament geotextile. During the period of "xv." and "Eleven-Five" plan, China's planning investment in Water conservancy, electricity, transportation, environmental protection, river management and other projects is huge, including water conservancy construction, north-to-South transfer project, power investment, road and railway construction, environmental engineering construction, as well as ports, airports, waste disposal, rivers and lakes management, Sand and other projects, investment accounted for tens of billions of yuan.

China will have more infrastructure projects to build in the next 10 years or more, and there will be more and more geotextile demand, and China will become the world's largest marketing market for geotechnical materials.