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Features Of Geotextile Products
Dec 19, 2018

The main raw materials of synthetic fibers are polypropylene, polyester, polyamide and so on. Geotextile according to its use is divided into water filter type, impervious type, insulation type. The width is 1~18 meters, the length is not limited.

The thickness of geotextile is related to the molding method, and the weight per square metre ranges from 16 grams to 900 grams. 1, water-filter geotextile allows water to pass through, and prevent fine soil loss with water.

Its use can replace the pipe as a drain blind ditch, the road as a leachate layer to prevent pulping and mud, soft foundation as the cushion of the levee, in order to improve the stability of the foundation, or isolate two different particle sizes of soil particles, so as to avoid mixing.

2, geotextile surface coated with impermeable coating that becomes waterproof type, can be used as a channel for anti-leakage pavement, can also be used as a house foundation of moisture-proof layer.

3, Insulation type geotextile, used in cold areas as the foundation of the insulation compartment.

Because of the different use, the strength of geotextile is also different, usually its tensile strength, tear strength, stamping strength and ultimate elongation are larger, the corrosion resistance and antimicrobial erosion in the soil are also good.