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Development History Of Geotextile
Dec 19, 2018

The term "geotextile" was first proposed by J.p.giroud and J.perfetti in 1977, and they referred to permeable geosynthetics as "geotextile".

According to its manufacturing method and physical characteristics can be divided into non-woven geotextile and woven geotextile. The application of geotextile started late in our country, but it developed rapidly. In the 1976, in Jiangsu Province, the Yangtze River Hissing Horse Protection Project, the first use of soft sinking, to prevent river bank scour, similar software sinking has been used in Jiangsu province Jiangdou West Gate and Hubei province Yangtze River Embankment project. Entering the 80 's, the application of geotextile is increasing day by day, in addition to soft and exclusive, it is also widely used in soil, sand, stone bags and soft foundation reinforcement projects. Our province in the reclamation project using Geotextile for foundation reinforcement treatment, began in the 90 's, has been widely used, and achieved good results.

Our city seawater in the reclamation of 94 Hills Phase III project, on a large number of applications of mud pump in geotextile bags sparse mud Embankment has been successful, in Shangyu seawater 96 hilly reclamation using Geotextile for small section blocking Longkou has also achieved good results.