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What are the maintenance methods of geotextiles?
Feb 13, 2019

Geotextiles can be widely used in railway, highway, sports venues, dykes, hydraulic construction, tunnels, coastal beach, reclamation, environmental protection and other projects. The application fields of geotextiles are water conservancy projects: sea embankment, river embankment and lake embankment up to standard; reservoir reinforcement; reclamation project; flood control and emergency rescue. Geogrid. Highway, Railway and Airport Engineering: Soft Foundation Reinforcement; Slope Protection; Anti-reflection Crack Structure Layer of Pavement; Drainage System; Greening Isolation Zone. Electrical Engineering: Nuclear Power Plant Foundation Engineering; Thermal Ash Dam Engineering; Hydropower Station Engineering. Port waterway engineering: performance and application of port geotextiles This product has excellent filtration, drainage, isolation, reinforcement and protection functions. It can be widely used in railway, highway, gymnasium, dam, water conservancy construction, tunnel, coastal beach, weizhen, environmental protection, power plant, airport and other projects.

Geotextile rolls should be protected from damage before installation. Geotextile rolls should be stacked in a flat, non-stagnant place, not exceeding the height of four rolls, and the identification sheets of the rolls can be seen. Geotextile rolls must be covered with opaque materials to prevent ultraviolet aging. In the process of storage, the integrity of labels and data should be maintained.

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