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Precautions for installation and construction of Geotextile
Dec 19, 2018

1, geotextile can only use geotextile knife for cutting (hook knife), such as cutting in the site, other materials must take special protection measures to prevent unnecessary damage caused by cutting geotextile;

2, in the laying of geotextile at the same time, must take all necessary measures to prevent damage to the following layer of material;

3. When laying geotextiles, care must be taken not to allow materials such as stones, large amounts of dust or moisture that may damage geotextiles, may clog drains or filters, or potentially cause difficulties for the next connection to enter the Geotextile or geotextile below;

4. After installation, all geotextile surfaces are visually inspected to identify all damaged landlords, marked and patched to determine that there are no foreign substances, such as broken needles, that can cause damage to the laying surface;

5, Geotextile connection must follow the following provisions: Under normal circumstances, the slope surface can not have a horizontal connection (the connection must be along the outline of the slope does not intersect with it), except for the repair of the place. 6. If suture is used, the suture shall be made of materials of the same or exceeding the material of geotextile, and the suture shall be a material hold for the protection against chemical ultraviolet rays.

The suture line and geotextile should have obvious chromatic aberration for easy inspection. 7, installation of special attention to stitching to ensure that there is no soil or gravel overlay in the gravel into the middle of the geotextile.