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Classification of Geotextile
Dec 19, 2018

Geotextile mainly has the following three series: First, acupuncture non-woven geotextile, specifications between the 100g/m2-600g/m2 of any choice, the main raw materials are the use of polyester staple fiber or polypropylene staple fiber, through the acupuncture method, the main use is: River, sea, lake Embankment slope protection, surrounding the sea make fields, Wharf, Shiplock Flood prevention and rescue projects,

It is an effective way to soil and water conservation and prevent pipe surge through reflux filtration.

Second, acupuncture non-woven fabric and PE film composite geotextile, specifications have a cloth one film, two cloth one film, the maximum width of 4.2 meters of the main raw materials are to use polyester staple fiber acupuncture non-woven fabric, PE film through composite, the main use is anti-seepage, suitable for railways, highways, tunnels, subways, airports and other projects.

Third, non-woven and spinning composite geotextile, varieties have non-woven and polypropylene filament woven composite, non-woven and plastic weaving composite, suitable for foundation reinforcement, adjust the permeability coefficient of the basic engineering facilities.