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Road & Railway construction fabrics

  • Road Stabilization Fabrics

    Road Stabilization Fabrics

    Geosynthetics are a diverse family of various types of polymer materials formed into extruded grids and nets, blown film sheets and membranes, as well as woven and nonwoven geotextile blankets. Geosynthetics have proven to be among the most versatile and cost-effective ground... Contact Now
  • Geotextile for Road Construction

    Geotextile for Road Construction

    Woven geotextiles are a time-tested and cost-effective solution for a variety of applications including: stabilization of construction entrances and staging areas; bridging over soft soils; separating dissimilar soils; reinforced soil structures, shoreline erosion control;... Contact Now
  • Road Construction Geotextile

    Road Construction Geotextile

    300 gsm Polyester nonwoven geotextile used for road construction Product Description Made from PP (polypropylene) or PET (polyester) short fiber by nonwoven needle punched manufacturing process, it has isolation, filtration, drainage, reinforcement, protection and maintenance... Contact Now
  • Roadway Geotextile

    Roadway Geotextile

    geotextile is a high quality separation fabric typically used in roadway construction. It's high strength construction provides the perfect barrier for preventing the mixing of sub-grade soils and aggregates. We offer a complete selection of different roll sizes to... Contact Now
  • Geotextile for Railways Construction

    Geotextile for Railways Construction

    Application: Water conservancy project and hydropower project Road paving, railway Airport and port River bank protection and tunnel Environmental protection, etc. Production standards GB/T17638-1998 JT/T 520-2004 Packaging & Shipping Selling Units: Single item Single... Contact Now
  • Woven Geotextile for Building Driveways

    Woven Geotextile for Building Driveways

    Woven geotextiles used for ground stabilization minimize rutting and prevent intermixing of the aggregate with the soft soils below. Think of woven geotextiles as affordable insurance for your aggregate. They save time and money by reducing or eliminating the need for... Contact Now
  • Geotextile for Road Layer Separation

    Geotextile for Road Layer Separation

    Geotextile when used as a separation layer prevents two different fill materials such as aggregate and soil from combining. When used correctly the geotextile will increase the life span of the civil project, allowing the two separate layers to perform as designed for longer.... Contact Now
  • Road Seperation Geotextile

    Road Seperation Geotextile

    The geosynthetic products most commonly used in roadway systems include geotextiles (woven and non-woven) and geogrids (biaxial and multiaxial), although erosion-control products, geocells, geonets (or geocomposite drainage products), geomembranes, GCL and light weight... Contact Now
  • Geosynthetics for Road Construction

    Geosynthetics for Road Construction

    Geotextiles have many functions such as separation, filtration, reinforcement, protection, etc.. Geotextiles are widely used in road stabilization, erosion control, subsurface drainage and many civil and geotechnical engineering applications. Application: Roads, highways,... Contact Now
  • Roadway Geotextile Fabric

    Roadway Geotextile Fabric

    Geotextiles provide this critical permeability as they filter or keep the fines from migrating upward into the aggregate. Maintaining drainage of the aggregate base and sub grade soil is very important to prevent accelerated failure of the support system. A geotextile also... Contact Now
  • Slope Protection Geotextile

    Slope Protection Geotextile

    Geobags are manufacturing from woven or non-woven PP or polyester yarn and are used for slop protection ,river bank embankment , soil erroision Contact Now
  • Drainage Fabric

    Drainage Fabric

    For drainage projects which require a more durable, heavy-duty fabric, our non-woven selection has you covered. These fabrics allow for a high water flow and are dimensionally stable. These fabrics are very versatile and are commonly used in applications ranging from drainage... Contact Now
We're professional road & railway construction fabrics manufacturers and suppliers in China, engaged in customized service. Welcome to wholesale high quality road & railway construction fabrics for sale here from our factory.
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