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  • Dewatering Bags

    Dewatering Bags

    Dewatering Bags are an easy and economical option for any site looking to remove sediment or silt from their discharge and storm water run-off. Constructed from a robust geotextile filter fabric, these bags catch and contain sediment as it is being pumped from your site.... Contact Now
  • Geotubes for Beach Erosion Control

    Geotubes for Beach Erosion Control

    The Geotube technology works by allowing sludge to be filtered through the unique dual filament polypropylene fabric, while retaining a high percent of solids. As sludge is pumped into a Geotube unit, it is injected with a polymer. The addition of the polymer to the sludge is... Contact Now
  • Breakwater Geotube

    Breakwater Geotube

    breakwater bags in recent years, geotextile tubes have been developed and implemented along storm prone coastlines. These tubes act as a form of shoreline stabilization or breakwater tube, giving added support to shores constantly hit with waves andwinds. Learn more about... Contact Now
  • Geotextile Tubes

    Geotextile Tubes

    Geotube dewatering units are geo-synthetic containers, made from high tensile woven polypropylene. Essentially a Geotube unit is a large dewatering bag. The special fabric of Geotube units allows for the retention of consolidated valuable nutrients and the dispersal of clear... Contact Now
  • Geotextile Dewatering Bags

    Geotextile Dewatering Bags

    This knowledge technology have a three-step process: Step 1: Filling -- Sludge (dredged material) is pumped into the Geotube container. Environmentally-safe polymers are added to the sludge, which makes the solids bind together and water separate. The TenCate... Contact Now
  • Sludge Dewatering Filter Geobags

    Sludge Dewatering Filter Geobags

    Sludge Dewatering Tubes are manufactured from high strength permeable geotextiles with specifically engineered retention and drainage properties and then fabricated into a variety of sizes. Excess water drains through small pores in the geotextile while the sludge and... Contact Now
  • Sludge Dewatering Geotextile Tubes

    Sludge Dewatering Geotextile Tubes

    Main Features 1. High strength, low deformation geotube geotube 2. Durability: steady property, not easy to resolved, air slaked and can keep the original property long term 3. Anti-erosion: anti-acid, anti-alkali, resists insects and mould geotube 4. Permeability: could... Contact Now
  • Sludge Dewatering Bags

    Sludge Dewatering Bags

    Geotextile Tubes are often referred to as geotubes, geocontainers, geobags, geotextile containers, or dewatering bags. Our geotextile tubes are a similar type of product that are a cost effective containment solution for dewatering and desludging or protection. Geotextile... Contact Now
  • Sludge Dewatering Geotube Bag

    Sludge Dewatering Geotube Bag

    Geo Tubes are made up of very Unique high strength.These geo tubes are used for stopping Beach erosion control and construction of underwater structures and marine environments. In many instances, these geotextile tubes structures can easily be constructed using a sand-filled... Contact Now
  • Filter Dewatering Geotube

    Filter Dewatering Geotube

    Geotextile tubes are large sludge dewatering bags or geo-containers constructed from high strength, permeable geotextiles. They work with any material that is hydraulically transported. In most applications, the use of polymers is recommended to enhance the dewatering... Contact Now
  • Geobags for Riverbank Protection

    Geobags for Riverbank Protection

    Made by polyester (PET) or polypropylene (PP) fiber as the raw material, making double sides ironed and pressed needle-punched non-woven geotextile through the spun bonded technology, and then processed to bag with specified dimension, fill soil, sand and fertilizer etc.... Contact Now
  • Geotubes Containers for Dewatering Sludge

    Geotubes Containers for Dewatering Sludge

    Geotextile dewatering tubes (large sludge dewatering bags or geo-containers) used in a wide variety of projects where dewatering of sediments, sludge removal and industrial wastes is required. Geotextile Tube is a sewn geotextile and filled with sand, used to replace the rock... Contact Now
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